26 May 2018

And Then, Such Speed...

Tricky one this as I really don’t want our front door kicking down in the small hours but I’m amazed to see how lightning-fast justice can be ‘served’ when ‘required’.

Put to one side weather you admire this fellows courage or if you despise him,  weather you agree with wot the guy says or not, just remember those  words - amended somewhat; First they came for TM and I said nothing... Yes, we should all be a tad concerned with the latest news relating to Mr Rommy Tobinson.

It seems that for the heinous crime of live streaming from outside a Leeds courthouse, he was arrested for a breach of the peace, a media blackout imposed, he was then tried, found guilty, had his suspended sentence enacted,  and has been sent to gaol for thirteen months. All done and dusted in under eight hours. Damn!! That’s moving, eh? Compare and contrast with... well, just about any other case you care to think of really.  

Are our masters truly angling for a long hot summer of discontent? I guess all right regular thinking folk will think, yes they are, thus enabling them to bring forward ever more powers to control us. Plus more laws relating to wot we’re allowed to think. Pardon? Allowed to say and type? Are you nuts? Keep it zipped and your hands in your pockets.

By-the-by, an awful lot of the comments around the Web-a-Net must be making somewhat uncomfortable reading for those ‘up there’. Very early doors the arrest was reported by the Independent and the comments were pretty cool. The piece is still there but, spookily, the comments seem to have been ‘lost’.  Down and down we spiral...

This may interest some of you.

Anyhoo, here’s a toon for Rommy pulled out of left field. Watch your back boy!


Quote;  UN; Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

24 May 2018

And Then A Challenge...

Further to a paragraph from an earlier post, may I offer a challenge to those who would rule over us?

Any PC spy please note, this post is not to be construed as racist in any way, manor or form. All I have is a fear that our country is full and quite quickly approaching overflow. As further proof of this, should any be needed, we’re now told that we’re running out of water and the NHS, blessed be its name, will soon need another couple of thousand pounds a year off each of us. How cool is that then? You’d think someone a lot brighter than me could figure out that the more folks there are sharing the same amount of stuff must mean that there will quickly be less stuff for each of us, right?

So this is the simple illustrative challenge for those that must be obeyed:
Go off to work one day and leave your front door open and a large ‘Welcome’ sign hanging on your front gate. I’m betting you get a shock upon returning home. Whoa! I opened the door and they came!

After a couple of days of your ‘open door’ policy, you’ll be ‘surprised’ to find that using the kitchen and bathroom with the regularity and freedom you once enjoyed will have gone for some strange reason. Soon thereafter you may well find yourself having to queue to use your own computer and having to be content with sitting on the floor in your lounge and even having to sleep on the floor in the hall. Eventually, sitting will become a problem and you may well just have enough room to stand at the back. Sadly, the standing room that enables leaning against a wall is all being used; it’s now only stand-up straight space.

In no time at all, you’ll no longer be able to get your car on the drive as it seems to be in continuous use as a hand car wash station. On the plus side, finding you have to park quite some distance away, the walk enables you to calm down a tad before entering what was once your castle but is now a multiculti utopia.

Your garden? Just a jungle as the last time you tried to do a bit out there, tiptoeing through all kinds of unsavoury looking stuff and strange charcoal cooking thingies, you lost your place in the proper toilet queue and wet yourself.

Eventually, after becoming a tad disconcerted with the rapid ever upwards trajectory of your electricity, gas and water bills and the dangerous load on some sockets threatening to blow you off the board, you may well decide you’ve had enough and need to get everyone out and lock the door. However, when you finally come to take that action you’ll be shocked to find it’s too late as that’s when you’ll discover you’ve lost all governance of your own home and you are now in a miniscule minority.

And thus ends my miniature picture of our little bit o’ rock sitting in an angry ocean. Please feel free to copy, amend or edit as you wish, and post to your MP and any believers of open borders to see if they’re up for the challenge.

The cessation of all acts of inhalation and exhalation whilst awaiting a note of acceptance to the challenge, or indeed any response at all, isn’t advised.


Quote;  Edward Abbey.

“A crowded society is a restrictive society; an overcrowded society becomes an authoritarian, repressive and murderous society.”