20 Sep 2017

And Then We’re Cool...

Ripper, Blue Man Group are in the jukebox, with thanks.

If the MSM, and the BBC in particular, hadn’t had this revelation running twenty four seven for the past few days, the news that the world isn’t going to fry any time soon may have gone right past me. Oh, hang on a minute...

So where are the interviews with that Davey chap and all the fellow travellers? Where’s that Harrabin guy? That Prof Cox laddie? Attenborough? Al Gore? Hello? Tumble weed drifting by?

I felt sure they’d all have been out by now squealing that the errors were obviously the result of poor funding and highlighted the need for many more gazillions of pounds, above and beyond, to be poured into more research and bigger computers, with keyboards this time, and can we have a mouse? thus enabling the train full to overflowing with gravy to continue rolling down the tracks.

Has it been completely airbrushed from the main news? Why? Me, simple old guy that I am, would’ve thought that something like this would be cause for much rejoicing and thus would be headlines all over the place; No need for alarm!The end of life isn’t imminent! Let’s get some coal out o’ the ground; let’s scrap the green levies; let’s stop desecrating the countryside and seas with bird killers; let’s cut utility bills. Wot do we get? Not a peep which must surely be an indication of how deep and how far reaching the con was/is and where the money is/went.

This comment from the first link says so much; with thanks to the author, Geoman:

   I’ve been saying for, oh, 10 years now that climate sensitivity is likely close to zero, or perhaps even a small negative number. And without a high multiplier for climate sensitivity, the problem becomes a long term nuisance, rather than a global crises.
   It appears I have been proven right.
   What bothers me is this – The data was crystal clear 10 years ago that climate sensitivity was very low, if not negative. I sat down with a few basic measurements, the geologic record, and a calculator and figured it out. It wasn’t especially hard. Because I publically dared to state facts and logic I have endured endless verbal and written abuse and possibly damaged my professional career.
   So? So what happens now? In a just world, the abusers and flim-flam men who have led the hysteria would be tossed on the ash heap of history. Will they? More than likely they will be rewarded for their foresight, or at best, told they committed a sin of overenthusiasm. I mean, being extreme in defence of mother Earth is no crime, right?
   No one will note the tremendous waste of time and money that went down the climate change drain, pocketed by these liars and thieves.

In other news, it now seems that depression in teenagers, and predominately teenage girls, is now being ‘treated’ as a mental health problem. I guess depression is a fairly new phenomenon then? Nobody has ever been depressed before these snowflakes came along? Or does someone, somewhere need some funding for a study perchance? A study to determine the link between depression and triggering.
Good comment from the above bit about it below:

   We didn't struggle with our body image when we were fourteen. We struggled with algebra and syntax.

Man, I get depressed every time I turn the TV on and I’m still waiting for someone to rush round to comfort me. Oh, and a TV interview. This may cheer you depressives up a tad.

Quote;  Rodney Dangerfield.

“I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn’t met me yet.”

18 Sep 2017

And Then, What I Want...

While a-slippin’ an’ a-slidin’ round that YouTube bit of the Web of Nets, hunting down those toons for the last post... Pardon? No, it wasn’t the last post; I’m still here – last nights post - I ran into that wot you’ll find way below in blue.

Now that is definitely wot I want for Christmas. Oh, and if I get one, or is it some{?}, can I please take it/them with me when I go?

Could I play that kit I hear you ask. Why not? It looks like most of it’s on automatic. Just set him up and away he goes, right? Okay, I’ll give my head a shake, but the fun I could have just making random noises would be so, like, awesome. And I’m sure the neighbours, nay, the whole damn street, would be more than thrilled to see that kit rolling off the back of an eBay truck and into our drum.

Never mind; never going to happen is it, but, right now, I neeeed one.

However, looking on the bright side, I do have some redundant plumbing kit and, fortuitously, an old pair of flip-flops. Or is that a pair of old flip-flops?

Quote;  ??

Two cowboys were waiting in their fort for the Indians to attack. They listened to the distant pounding of war drums.  One cowboy muttered to the other, "I don't like the sound of them drums."
Just then, a distant voice came over the hill, "It's not our usual drummer!"

17 Sep 2017

And Then, The End Game...

After reading a post over at Head Rambles, I got to thinking but quickly gave up on that and settled for just the one thought and that was that, somewhat surprisingly, I’m old and I guess I’ve officially entered end game any time territory now so I came up with a cunning plan for when I move on.

With rapidly advancing years, posts will most likely lessen as brain and various other bodily functions fade away and when that stretches to me being a no-show here at all for thirty straight days just assume that that is it. I’ll either be gone or still here but confined to some place where you’re not allowed to run with scissors. Just play this toon, a bit o’ dirt music which seems fitting, that I’ll add, later, to the left side down-it-be-dropping music menu thingy. It’ll be, appropriately, at the end along with Cheerio.


You know wot? I’ll give you a choice:


Please don’t get too excited as I’m planning/hoping to be a pest for some time yet and while I’m still relatively compos mentis, and given there’s an outside chance that I’ll get to the other side and be ‘rewarded’ with life never-ending, I need to find myself a really enjoyable and hugely time consuming hobby to take with me.

NOTE: Whatever the ‘no post’ period may be, please don’t delete any bookmarks or RSS feed links as I also intend, depending how wrapped-up I get in my new hobby,  to do my best to let you know what it’s like where ever I end up. However, if I get some place ‘over there’ and everyone’s involved in some kind of cooking or baking competition, I’m coming straight back.


See how I cleverly used a bunch of badly linked words in poorly formed sentences as a vehicle to play three toons I like?  Happy Sunday evening and to cheer it along pop over to Darth Meerkat for the latest offering. Hay, Timidadians, only go in pairs, hold hands and tread carefully over there okay?

Quote;  Ashley Montagu.

“The idea is to die young as late as possible.”

16 Sep 2017

And Then, Enough...

Yo! Ma May, you remember saying enough is enough a few – or is that phew? - days ago? Bet now you wish you hadn’t eh? Or did you mean you’d had enough of saying enough is enough? By the way, how did that COBRA meeting thingy go? Was it ginger bisects or custard creams this time?

There was some loon on one of the TV twenty four  hour rolling repeating news channels who actually said he thought things were getting better as there were no deaths this time. That new anthem of ours gets yet more relevant by the hour now.

As a further note, would all professional vigil attendees please stand down. No fatalities; just badly burned people and the TV news folk have all moved on so no cameras to congregate in front of in weepy, cuddly clusters. Just put your vigil ready grab-bag back on top of the wardrobe, check your Intaflora account is still current and stand by your beds to await the next proper outrage. Don’t worry; it’ll probably be along just behind the next really angry government ‘enough-is-enough’ statement.

Quote;  Edward R. Murrow.

“Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.”